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Immersions into landscape (I. i. L.) is an excursions, or rather, "incursions" program, in the rural territory, strictly on foot or by bicycle, suitable for those who are curious of observing and understanding the landscape in which they live or in which they spend holidays and want to share with new friends this experience turning it into an opportunity to meet, dialogue and having fun.

I. i. L. is a rural experience that is not limited exclusively to wine & food, it includes learning about plants and animals, agricultural systems, old varieties of cultivated plants, local sayings, beliefs and popular imagination, little minor architectural monuments and ancient building techniques , past societies that shaped landscape and landscape evolution to date, and much more ...

The I. i. L. excursions have the precise aim to let the participants deeply enter into local culture and to imprint in their hearts the visited places, and to possibly be able to make comparisons with their territories of origin.

Infact, we all share deep rural roots, and through the landscape storytellling , you'll be able to aknowledge it. As Tolstoy said: "If you describe well your village, you will talk to the whole world".

• The trips are by bike (MTB) or on foot. The tours introduced in this site are an example of what you can do, but trips can be tailored according to your needs and preferences as well, so, you can suggest other departure dates and combine destinations and activities according to your needs. CONTACT ME for your private tour!

• The sporting performance is NOT important, you will walk/ride on roads and trails for hikers, the most important thing is just that you get to the final destination "enriched".

• Anyway the paths are not always very easy, sometimes you need a bit of training, otherwise you are not having fun and you risk getting hurt, you should be sure to be well aware of the paths difficulty levels before booking. Nevertheless that bit of effort and challenge often is also the ingredient that makes the trip unique and rich in satisfaction.

• The excursions are not too many kilometers long, and include some stops every now and then for talking about the landscape that can be seen (day trips are on average 15 -45 km, by mountain bike, and 6 -10 km when walking).

• excursions are interactive therefore who wants to intervene by bringing his own experience is welcome. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal and non-academic.