The pizzuto mountain is the second highest summit of the Sabini subappenninic Mountain ridge, in northern Lazio; this mountain ridge is free from the arboreal vegetation and allows you to appreciate from above with a breathtaking view, the whole Tiberin Sabina and the Middle Tiber Valley.

In Canneto (Municipality of Fara Sabina) one of the oldest olive trees in Europe survives: the so-called "Big olive tree" (Olivone), dated around 1500 years, a symbol of an even older productive vocation: the Sabina’s extra virgin olive oil,

In this trip we’r gonna see and learn something about the "sinkholes", the most spectacular Sabine karst forms: huge chasms, generated by the collapse of karst cavities roof.

The hilly Sabine landscape, stands out for its "mosaic-like” shape, with many patches, cultivated with olive trees, wheat fields, vineyards, lawn patches, orchards, etc., divided by perimeter hedges, interspersed with small not cultivated woodland areas, lakes, ravines, rivers, etc., overhung by perched hilltop medieval villages.