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Learning about the territory, broadening horizons, diving into local culture.... WHILE CYCLING!

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Sabina on foot: when culture meets movement

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Our starting point: Ocriculum
Categoria: cycling Sabina

3 days tour of the Tiber Valley bike descent              ...

Riding to discover the Tiber and its river banks
Categoria: cycling Sabina

Tiber fluvial landscape and the imperial city of Ocriculum          ...

on the hill risges roads in Magliano Sabina
Categoria: cycling Sabina

The "forgetten" landscapes                    ...

riding on the Tiber plane near Ocriculum
Categoria: cycling Sabina

 A ride between the sceneries of the Tiber and of the Nera From Ocriculum to Stifone di Narni

the beautiful medieval village of Collevecchiio
Categoria: cycling Sabina

A gem in the ancient Sabina Diocesis              ...

riding on the way to oil landscape
Categoria: cycling Sabina

"LANDSCAPE TASTINGS": hike + EVO oil DOP Sabina tasting