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Learning about the territory, broadening horizons, diving into local culture.... WHILE CYCLING!

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Tuscia on foot: when culture meets movement

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Canepina surrounded by chestnut trees
Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Tuscia's "Baobabs". A dive into Monti Cimini's chestnut trees landscape and culture     ...

Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Discovering an archaic geological and cultural landscape          ...

S. M. Assunta church
Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Pristine gorges and rocky medieval settlements around Vasanello that save its millenary ceramics...

Chia's Castello River Waterfalls
Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Castello Stream's gorge, the Etruscan Pyramid and other treasures of Teverina    ...

Celleno's Cherry trees
Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Among Celleno and Roccalvecce, discovering the cherry trees landscape in Teverina    ...

Velvety hills
Categoria: Tuscia on foot

Walking in the boundless fields and lawns landscape of the ancient latifundia of the Tarquinese...